Renewal of the exhibition at the Cultural Education Centre of Kitigan Zibi in 2013

The cultural education centre at Kitigan Zibi is renewing its permanent exhibition. The community wished to take advantage of the collection inventory, which required opening showcases and visiting storage areas, to change the objects being exhibited. (See: Week of Inventory and Training at Kitigan Zibi, end of April 2013)

The process of creating a new exhibition was initiated by elders from the community, and included their participation (Brigite Mac Dougall, Victoria Whiteduck, Rose Mac Dougall, Rene Tenasco and Peter Decontie), in collaboration with the centre’s exhibit committee (Brenda Odjik, Rene Tenasco, Sylvia Morin, Anita Tenasco, Gilbert Whiteduck). Presenting the community of Kitigan Zibi and the Anishinabeg from a different perspective is important in considering contemporary concerns. Themes were chosen, and the challenge now is to find how to illustrate the museum’s objects, photos, and works of art. The cultural centre’s committee is assisted in carrying out this work by Véronique Gendron-Archambault and Julie Côté. 

Stay tuned!