Lyne Da Sylva

Lyne Da SylvaLyne Da Sylva has a multidisciplinary background in mathematics, computer science, linguistics and computational linguistics. Her doctoral thesis focused on the study of default values in formal ​​syntactic representations, addressing both the theoretical linguistic aspects and the practical computational aspects.
Her multidisciplinary training has led her to work on various research projects in Natural Language Processing (NLP), involving parsing especially; she has worked for a Montréal-based private company (Les Logiciels Machina Sapiens Inc.) on software development for automatic language correction and machine translation.
She is currently Associate Professor at the École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l’information (School of Library and Information Science) of the Université de Montréal, where she teaches courses on the methodology of indexing, thesaurus development, digital libraries, semiotics for document management, and NLP tools for document management. Her teaching activities concentrate on the linguistic aspects of document management.
Her current research interests focus on the management of digital information, specifically on automating indexing and summarization of documents within digital libraries (housing library, archival or museum collections). One of her special projects tackles the automatic creation of indexes for digital documents (i.e. automatic back-of-the-book indexing).