Project Working Groups

Our project is composed of three working groups.

1. Fundamental research seeks to define repatriation’s main concepts according to different points of view, as much from the communities as from the central museums involved; to analyse different case studies which can assist reflection and recommendations; to come to an agreement on different aspects emerging from research questions on subjects such as ethics, cultural and intellectual property, and national and international laws and practices dealing with repatriation.

2. Questions surrounding museum collections and practices lead us to inventory collections in Canada and abroad that contain objects and their associated archives which are culturally significant for the First Nation communities involved; visit conservation sites and promote Aboriginal principles of preservation and transmission; develop constructive relationships with our partners and explore museum-based ways of transmitting knowledge, primarily through exhibitions.   

3. Access to information and questions dealing with documentation are an essential element of the project. We will work towards; organizing data (objects, photos, and information) and developing connections within it; enriching knowledge and validating information previously collected with the incalculable aide of community Elders and youths. The web site’s development will contribute to attaining this goal. One of the challenges associated with using these types of tools for transmitting information is the integration of Aboriginal languages.