Audio archiving workshop in Mashteuiatsh in the spring of 2014

An audio archiving workshop took place in Mashteuiatsh during the month of May 2014. Research assistants Béatrice Lecomte andCorina Macdonald, from the CURA-Tshiue-natuapahtetau / Kigibiwewidon project, worked together with people from the Musée amérindien de Mashteuiatsh (Masteuiatsh Aborignal Museum) to improve certain aspects of the museum’s management of audio archives and databases.

First, the database for the audio documents was conceptualizedin collaboration with the museum staff, in order to adapt the model for audio support records and to catalogue a large number of interviews undertaken with members of the community, as well as their French and Nehlueun transcriptions.The data capture of the new database generates a record for each interview, making the classifying and tracking of transcriptions easier.

A guide of recommendations on digitizing and preserving the audio records was also drafted. In it, you can find technical standards as well as the equipment and formats recommended to ensure the conservation of audio documents. This guide, partly inspired by Indigitization, attempts to respond as adequately as possible, to the stakes involved in the preservation of audio archives in the communities. The database created during this workshop identifies numerous interviews belonging to Mashteuiatsh’s oral heritage, which can be easily accessed by researchers and members of the community.