Community portraits project

Community portraits is a video project, depicting the communities of Mashteuiatsh and Kitigan Zibi through portraits of people and places. These portraits highlight the human aspect of the communities while testifying to their diversity and realities, beyond numbers and quantitative data.

The project started in the community of Mashteuiatsh. Bibiane Courtois, Repatriation Coordinator, Tommy Paré, PASS (Educational and social support project) Program Coordinator and three youths involved in this program interviewed three people chosen by the latter: a grandmother, a Nehlueun teacher and a musician-guide. The interviews were carried out in places important to these people, for example in their home or at the community site. The interviews bring up, among other things, attachment to territory, the importance of family, the role of the individual in the community, as well as different generational points of view. In short, meeting the people and territory allows for a livelier and more personal presentation of the community.

The project is taking place in Mashteuiatsh and will then be undertaken in Kitigan Zibi.