« Dialogue circle » mini exhibit in the Mashteuiatsh and Kitigan Zibi communities

A mini exhibit was put together in collaboration with Mashteuiatsh and Kitigan Zibi so that the communities could introduce themselves to each other. « Dialogue circle » also aims to make the CURA Tshiue-Natuapahtetau / Kigibiwewidon project known to community members and to visitors to institutions. Three objects were selected from each of the communities’ collections. Kitigan Zibi’s objects are being exhibited at the Musée amérindien de Mashteuiatsh (Mashteuiatsh Aboriginal Museum) while the objects from Mashteuiatsh are being exhibited at the Kitigan Zibi Cultural Education Centre.

Kitigan Zibi has chosen to display a necklace and some pink pearl earrings, made by Joni Marie Ferguson, near the end of the 1980s, a drum made by Nick Ottawa and painted by Dean Ottawa in 1999, as well as some decorative moose-paw vases made by Florence McConini.

Mashteuiatsh lent a crooked knife, mukutakan,made by Henri Dominique in 2007, a portaging belt, miuteiapi,made by Catherine Manigouche-Xavier in 1990, as well as a drawing entitled My Ancestors, made with charcoal pencil and India ink by Denis Blacksmith in 1993.

The objects are being exhibited at Kitigan Zibi andMashteuiatsh for the entire duration of the project. It is also possible that they will subsequently be exhibited in other places. To be continued!