Filming the “Young transmitters” program at Pointe-Racine, May 2014

From May 5th to 7th, 2014, a film crew composed of co-researcher Élène Tremblay and research assistant Maxime Pelletier went to Pointe-Racine to film the goose hunt as part of the “Young transmitters” program. They were accompanied by research assistant Carole Delamour and repatriation coordinator Bibiane Courtois.

The “Young transmitters” program was started by the Kassinu Mamu Secondary School, in Mashteuiatsh. Six students and four cultural transmitters spent three days at the Point-Racine site, the traditional gathering place where, every spring, the Ilnuatsh celebrate the arrival of geese.

Around five in the morning, on May 6th, the CURA team left with several youth and three cultural transmitters to record the goose hunt, near a small river close to Dolbeau. After three hours of hunting, two geese were killed. The group returned to the camp where craft-making activities were taking place. The youth made dream-catchers and did some embroidery.

Near the end of the afternoon, all the youth, including those who hadn’t participated in the hunt, worked on processing the geese. Maxime and a cultural transmitter travelled by canoe to check on the beaver traps that had been set earlier. The day ended with a beaver, which had been caught in the traps, being brought back to the camp.