Nika Nishk: website and development of logo, year 2013

When it came time to find a name for the CURA Tshiue-natuapahtetau / Kigibiwewidon project website, project members looked for a symbol to represent the initiative undertaken by the project. They thought of wild geese, called bustards, which are migratory by nature, always returning to their starting point. These geese represent the objects and their return to communities. The name of the website comes from the translation of the word « bustard » into the languages of the communities, namely, nika in Anishinabemowin and nishk » in Nehlueun.


A logo was designed based on the website name, thanks to the collaboration of two artists, Denis Blacksmith, from Mashteuiatsh, and Daryl Tendesi, from Kitigan Zibi, and graphic designer, Véronique Archambault-Gendron. Each artist drew a bustard and Véronique incorporated both drawings into a logo. The two bustards are graphically similar and different at the same time. One is plainer while the other is more detailed. They represent the two communities, which, like the bustards, have different characteristics. These wild geese, flying in the same direction, represent the collaborative work the project has accomplished.

The circle, behind the bustards, represents the cycle of the initiative taken to repatriate the objects. The circle is open because the project is in progress and the cycle is incomplete. This shape also symbolizes the circle of healing, of well-being and evokes the drum (teuehikan, in nehlueun, and tewegan, in anishinabemowin). A more detailed wing, on one of the bustards, represents the feather.

Véronique has also designed the whole website. In order to feature different aspects of the project, she has chosen photos taken during different activities. In particular, we can see project participants and objects associated with both communities.