The first annual meeting in Kitigan Zibi, December 2011

The meeting to launch the project took place in Kitigan Zibi, at the cultural education centre, in December of 2011.

The first order of business was to establish familiarity with all the members and partners of the project. Each participant brought an object representing himself or herself, as a way to begin work on the question of links among various objects, ideas, and people. Workshops in small groups and a plenary meeting helped develop our ideas on the notions of return, restitution, and repatriation, as well as the importance of heritage materials for individuals, for native communities, for the university community, and for the museum community.

Elder Peter Decontie was delegated by the community of Kitigan Zibi to assist the project and to ensure its spiritual protection. Members benefitted from his presence during the entire meeting, which was closed by elder Bertha Commonda. We thank these elders for their presence. Note: sadly, elder Bertha Commonda died in May of 2013. We celebrate her memory and express our gratitude for her contribution.

A visit to schools in the community was organised. A meeting with young people of the Kikinamadinan primary and secondary school took place. Finally, a community meal with members of the broader community was held.