UBC Museum of Anthropology (MOA)


To inspire understanding of and respect for world arts and cultures. 


MOA will become one of the world’s principal hubs for exhibition, teaching, and research of international visual, intangible, and performative culture, and critical and collaborative museology. It will provide a transformative environment for visitors to learn about themselves and others, and to consider contemporary and historical events and issues from multiple perspectives. It will enhance its international profile while working locally, maintaining and strengthening its focus on First Nations peoples of British Columbia as well as diverse cultural communities. It will embrace interdisciplinarity and champion collaboration. It will provide innovative and imaginative exhibits and programs, and encourage full academic and student participation while promoting UBC’s values, commitments, and aspirations.


Inspiration - inspiring curiosity about world arts and cultures

Innovation - questioning, experimenting, exploring, and challenging boundaries in ways that advance a civil society and promote intercultural understanding

Inclusiveness - providing a welcoming environment, where learning and exchange of ideas is supported within and across disciplines

Community - building and sustaining relationships with diverse communities by encouraging their active engagement and honouring their contributions to our shared society

Stewardship - acquiring, caring for, and displaying cultural objects to the highest professional standards

Service - serving the individuals, communities, publics, and partners we work with in ways that benefit them directly