Bibiane Courtois

Bibiane Courtois is a member of the Ilnu community at Mashteuiatsh. She has a big heart, a talent for organisation, and has worked tirelessly for native rights. At the time Bill C-31 was being studied, she was president of Quebec Native Women Inc. She has studied and worked in community health and services, within and outside her own community. From 2003 to 2007, she was director of the Musée amérindien de Mashteuiatsh and initiated the community effort that lead to the permanent exhibition which opened in 2006 and which won a prize for excellence from the Société des musées québécois. While she was director of the museum, Bibiane became interested in the question of repatriation and met with people from a number of Canadian native communities who had undertaken repatriation actions and with students interested in this issue.