Élise Dubuc

Élise Dubuc, Ph.D. (anthropology), is a professor in the department of art history and cinema studies at the Université de Montréal. She has also been director of the master’s programme in museum studies since 2008.

Élise DubucDubuc began her professional work in the arts and in theatre, where she became a specialist in textiles and clothing. Deeply interested in material culture, she returned to study in anthropology, art history, and museum studies. She worked with archaeologists on the digs at Red Bay and analysed the clothing of Basques who came to hunt whales in the Saint Lawrence River in the sixteenth century.

Events during the Oka crisis (1990) and the persistently unfair treatment of native peoples in Canada contributed to realigning her interests and her work toward aboriginal peoples. At present, her research is focussed on the arts of first nations and on aboriginal peoples taking back their heritage, including through repatriation and through contemporary arts.