Sandra Decontie

Sandra Diabo-Decontie is a Mohawk from Kahnawake. She married an Algonquin and has made Kitigan Zibi her home for over 35 years. In 2003-2004,  she worked as a writer and researcher, as well as in administrative support, on the Kitigan Zibi History Book project. This book was produced in 14 months. The research for this project sparked her interest in the history of the Anishinabeg of Kitigan Zibi as well as the history of her own people, the Iroquois.  She worked in the former cultural centre before the new one was built in 2005.  The many artifacts and ancient documents tell a story about the ancestors who walked the earth long before our time.  They left many clues to piece together about who and what they were.  Now an important part of history involves repatriating as many artifacts as possible, in order to preserve the culture for future generations. Sandra keeps busy learning and absorbing as much  knowledge as possible. Participating in the workshop taught her about preserving the past in order to provide a rich story and teachings for today’s generations.