Sylvia Morin

Sylvia Morin is an Anishinabeg from Kitigan Zibi. She is coordinator of the cultural centre at the Kitigan Zibi Cultural Education Centre.  Her interests include her culture, its language and history, archaeology, sewing, and cooking. She became interested in archaeology as a child, on a school trip to a park for an archaeological dig.  She got a summer job as supervisor at the former cultural centre. She completed her bachelor’s degree in art history at Carleton University, then interned in the aboriginal training programme in museum practices at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  In 2001 she had the opportunity to work on the Kasbeshinan project, at the Leamy Lake site. She worked as a tour guide, then participated in the dig.  She became the coordinator of the cultural education centre in Kitigan Zibi in 2005. That year, she also attended a collections workshop in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area.