Kitigan Zibi Cultural Education Centre

The mission of the cultural education centre at Kitigan Zibi is the transmission, preservation, and dissemination of the history, culture, language, and traditions of the Anishinabeg. The centre offers exhibitions, guided tours, and various other activities, with a view to sharing knowledge and culture of the Anishinabeg nation.

 The cultural education centre was built in 2005. At that time, the community already had exhibition spaces for its collections, but needed new spaces for conserving and exhibiting archaeological artefacts found during digs on the site near Lake Leamy. In this way, the community is able to share its history, as well as information on the territory and culture of the Anishinabeg.

The cultural education centre was designed by architect Douglas Cardinal. The circular building is in the shape of a turtle, which represents the forming of the North American continent, and recalls the teachings of the Great Turtle Spirit Mikinak. The exterior of the building features images of people holding hands, which evoke Wampum friendship belts, a symbol of unity among nations. A circle in front of the building includes a space for building sacred fires and is used for a variety of ceremonies.