The Dispersed Kanak Heritage Inventory

The Dispersed Kanak Heritage Inventory (IPKD) looks for Kanak objects by way of French and European museums in order to locate them, determine their condition and conservation status and take a look at the museum discourse being made around them. Helped by assistants, Emmanuel Kasarhérou (1) and Roger Boulay (2) take inventory, document, handle, photograph, sketch and digitize found objects. Thirty-five thousand photos have been taken and statistics have been generated concerning the geographic locations of objects, types of museums (3) that collected them, types of objects (4), their source, their acquisition dates, etc. Non-exhaustive, this collected data forms a micro museum whose purpose it is to chart the evolution of objects, in order to release them from a canonical perspective. Once the project is completed, new collaborative resources will need to be maintained between European museums, notably through the Kimuntu (5) platform. Currently the IPKD would like to transfer all information gathered to the museums of New Caledonia and to open a portfolio for all participating museums.

To find out more, see the IPKD team website:


(1) Chief Heritage Curator and head of overseas missions at the quai Branly museum and former director of the Agency for the Development of Kanak Culture (ADCK) – Tjibaou Cultural Centre.

(2) Ethnologist and Oceania specialist.

(3) Ethnographic, encyclopaedic, natural history museums, etc.

(4) Weapons, ceremonial objects, etc.

(5) A virtual directory of French extra-European collections and of professionals associated with the project, Kimuntu is a website bringing together museum, university and professional organizations working in France and studying extra-European civilizations, in the form of summary sheets, classified geographically. This initiative came out of the 2007-2008 quai Branly meetings (Rencontres du quai Branly) and is supported by the Museum of Angoulême and Roger Boulay.